Implantology Year Course - Distance Learning

Training & Education

We know that it is easy to forget lectures months after attending them. Our Online Living Textbook, which is accessible 24/7, compliments and backs up the contact learning and lectures provided on the course.

The Online Living Textbook consists of 25 modules:


1. An introduction to the course and dental implantology

2. The science of osseointegration

3. Patient assessment & medical considerations

4. Surgical and prosthetic procedures and protocols

5. Laboratory procedures

6. Radiography and CT scanning

7. Infection Control and asepsis for surgical dentistry

8. Immediate implant placement

9. Peri-implant disease and managing complications

10. Clinical negligenc, consent and malpractice

11. Bone biology

12. Bone physiology

13. Bone pathology

14. Implant surfaces and load timings

15. Bisphosphonate drugs and oral surgery

16. The peri-implant soft tissue interface

17. Suturing materials and techniques

18. Development of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

19. Bone augmentation materials

20. GBR membranes

21. Hard tissue grafting and sinus augmentation

22. Full arch restorations and overdentures

23. Pharmacology for implant surgery

24. Occlusion in dental implantology

25. Anatomy and local analgesia techniques