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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions-


Does the course meet the GDC requirements?

Yes. The course program meets all of the GDC's requirements for training standards in implant dentistry. Since the course first started in 2009 it has been designed around the GDC requirements. After completion of the course and attainment of the Certificate of Competency in Dental Implantology (Foundation Level) you will be able to place implants for straightforward cases in your own practice safe in the knowledge that you have satisfied the GDC regulations. We will also help you to start your career pathway in implant dentistry and provide post-course mentoring.


What are the entry requirements?

You need to have full GDC registration and be a UK resident. Previous experience of oral surgery and/or implant dentistry is not required as we cover all basic principles during the course.


Why should I choose this course?

Just take a look at our testimonials to see what previous delegates have thought of the course. Since it was launched in 2009 this course has trained over 400 dentists.


What is required for certification?

To receive the 'Certificate of Competency in Dental Implantology (Foundation Level)' you will need to have attended all 10 Study Days, passed the end of course Theory MCQ and successfully completed 3 mentored clinical cases. You have up to 5 years from the end of the course to complete the 3 clinical cases.


Does the course supply patients for us to treat?

The course does not provide patients for you to treat. The GDC make it absolutely clear that dentists training in dental implantology must demonstrate competence in the full spectrum of dental implant treatment - namely the patient assessment, the treatment planning of the case, the surgery, the prosthetics and the long term maintenance plan. If the course just provided patients for surgery this would not be acceptable to the GDC. For this reason the only way that the full spectrum of treatment can be demonstrated throughout the whole case within each individual patient, is with your own patients from the start to the end of the treatment plan. Remember that you do not have to treat your patients during the course - you have up to 5 years from the end of the course to complete your 3 clinical cases.


How many times do I need to bring my patients to the training centre in Cambridge if I choose that option for my 3 cases?

You carry out the clinical assessment in your own practice. You then complete a Case Assessment form and send this in along with photos, casts, radiographs etc. Your case supervisor will then treament plan the case with you. You bring the patient to the training centre for the treatment. This may be no more than three visits in total (surgery, impressions and final fit).


I am worried that I may not be able to recruit patients for the course.

If you choose to bring patients to the training centre during the course they can benefit from heavily reduced costs for their implant treatment. We have found this works as a strong incentive for patients to participate in the course. At the training centre all CBCT scans are provided free of charge during the course.


Does the course count as Verifiable CPD?

Yes. The UK Implantology Year Course provides 80 hours of Fully Verifiable CPD.


What if I am unable to make some of the course dates?

If you are unable to attend a Surgical Skills Study Day module, due to illness, holidays etc, you can attend the module with one of the other groups (places permitting) If you are unable to attend a Theory Study Day you can attend the same module on the following year's course. You can attend one missed module the following year at no additional cost.


How can I get more information?

For more information you can email Stuart Ellis, the course director. Alternatively feel free to give us a call on 01223 328948.


I need to travel a long way to the Study Days. Where can I stay?

Every year many delegates come from all across the UK. Accomodation is available at the Moller Centre, Churchill College, which is the location of the Theory Study Days. There are also hotels (Premier Inn and Travel Lodge) situated 5 minutes away from the Surgical Skills Study Days location - Cavendish House. We can help to arrange accommodation for you. We can also arrange pickups from Stanstead Airport and Cambridge Railway Station.


Will I get one-on-one training?

Yes. The provision of one-on-one surgical training is an essential and central component of the UK Implantology Year Course.


What implant system do you teach?

The system that we use for training on the Surgical Skills Study Days (Nobel Biocare CC Replace Tapered) has been carefully chosen for its ease of use, simplicity and proven long term high success rates. However, if you are using a local colleague or an Accredited UK Training Centre as a mentor you can use any reputable system of your choice.


How can I train my nurses?

We can provide you with details of good quality courses for your nurses.


Can I spread the course fees over the year?

Yes. A deposit of £400 secures your place on the UK Implantology Year Course. The remaining balance is spread INTEREST FREE during the course, over 10 months by Direct Debit (April 2017 to January 2018). Course fees are subject to VAT.


Can you accommodate dietary requirements?

Yes. On enrolment you will have the opportunity to inform us of any dietary requirements.


When I gain the 'Certificate of Competency in Dental Implantology (Foundation Level)' what will I be able to do?

Upon completion of the Certificate requirements you will have been trained to a standard and level that will enable you to confidently plan and provide straightforward implant treatment on your own patients in your own practice, in accordance with the GDC regulations for implantology in the UK. You will have the treatment planning skills to enable you to identify advanced and potentially complex cases.


I already do some implant treatment but need to satisfy the GDC requirements for training. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! Many of our delegates have previous experience of implantology, some for many years. This course will allow you to update your knowledge and satisfy the GDC regulations, which apply to experienced implantologists as well as beginners.


What if I live too far from Cambridge to bring patients for the Certificate requirements.

If your patients are unable to travel to Cambridge for the Surgical Skills Study Days, the 3 competent clinical cases that are required for Certification can be done with an experienced local colleague of your choice acting as your Local Mentor* or at one of our 10 Accredited UK Training Centres**.


What are the course's Aims & Objectives?

Our aim is to take GDPs, with no previous implant or oral surgery experience being necessary, and provide training in excess of the GDC requirements to enable these practitioners to safely and confidently provide straightforward implant treatment in their own practices and to satisfy the legal requirements of the GDC. Post course mentoring and support will always be available to every Certificate holder.


* If using an experienced local colleague as your Local Mentor, the mentor needs to be accredited by the course in order to ensure sufficient experience. There is no cost for mentor accreditation. If using a Local Mentor all fees for treating your patients will need to be agreed between you, your patient and the Local Mentor. Any fees that Local Mentors may charge are not covered by the course fees. Free implants and implant components are only provided for patients treated during the course at the Cambridge Training Centre on a Surgical Skills Study Day.


** If using an Accredited UK Training Centre all fees for treating your patients will need to be agreed between you, your patient and the chosen centre. Any mentoring fees charged are not covered by the course fees. Free implants and implant components are only provided for patients treated during the course at the Cambridge Training Centre on a Surgical Skills Study Day.


How do I register?



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