UK Implantology Year Course - Testimonials

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What our previous delegates say about the course:-

When you start to do your research into dental implant courses there's so many to choose from especially when you are only 2 years graduated as I was. I would never have thought i would go from struggling to tie sutures to now having placed a few implants. its a dream come true. I would say this course is the ideal stepping stone and platform for a successful career path in Dental Implantology. With its brilliant teachers, supreme amount of knowledge provided and its continuous support, I would highly recommend the course to anyone starting out in dental implants but also to people who are experienced but want to learn how to place implants the right way.

Dr Abdul Osman - Coventry


By far one of the best courses I have ever attended. Anyone thinking of doing an implant course, with the most friendly, organised and knowledgeable staff, this is the right course. Do it, don’t think about it. This course gave me the confidence and knowledge to start placing and restoring implants for my own patients. Once more, Thank you very much!

Dr Alireza Shayestah - Dorset


I recommend the Year Course to anyone who is keen to develop their skills in implant dentistry. Stuart and Richard have a great teaching style, relaxed and informative. The course content is excellent and the support is ongoing for delegates long after the course has finished.

Dr Tina Chrysostomou - London


This course is well organised, informative and most importantly enjoyable! It's a shame it ended!

Dr Arti Sharma - London


The course was well balanced in terms of theory and practical sessions. I would recommend this course to any colleague looking to start out in Implantology. The course directors are very knowledgeable and provide good and clear guidance in an informal yet professional manner. Thank you Stuart and Richard for a memorable experience worth every minute and miles in the car.

Dr Yemi Osisanya - Wellingborough


Excellent implant course delivered with great lectures and live surgery sessions. Trainers were very passionate about their field of implant dentistry and shared their clinical knowledge with delegates. I would definitely recommend this outstanding course to anyone with an interest in placing implants. Perfect starter course!

Dr Sukhjit Lidder BDS - Leicestershire


The depth of the knowledge was very satisfying and the surgical days provided me with the necessary confidence for all the procedures. Dr Stuart Ellis and Dr Richard Millhouse have been very helpful and responsive to all my questions. Great opportunity!

Dr Athanasia Mastrogiannopoulou DipDS - London


Fantastic starter course. Would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning the art and science of implants. Both Stuart and Richard are wonderful teachers who are sensitive to the needs of working dentists and try their best to fit the course around our busy schedules.

Dr Jai Reddy BDS - Hampshire


This course has provided me with the knowledge, confidence and skills to offer a new level of dental treatment for my patients. It pays for itself financially, has improved my dentistry and I am more confident to offer more complex treatments . The course was stimulating and the tutors presented the course in a very well structured format and provided a good balance of relevant evidence based knowledge and practical skills. Highly recommended.

Dr Jasbinder Singh BDS - London


This course has given me an insight to the world of dental implantology . The lectures were fun and informative and the hands-on sections reinforced my already steep learning curve. Stuart and Richard are genuine educators who teach with passion and knowledge. Don't miss out on one of the best implant courses out there.
Just sign up now as you would be a fool to miss out!

Dr Jai Basrai - Watford


Many thanks for an excellent and very enjoyable course. Also for the positive,flexible support I received throughout the course period. The course was very structured, of a high training standard and consistent . I would recommend this course for all my colleagues.

Dr Hatem Shahin DMD - Norwich


I have done a previous full year's course on implantology but felt it did not really prepare me to place implants. This course is on a completely different league of implantology training. The trainers are at the top of the league in implants, extremely knowledgable and experienced in the field. I cannot recommend this course more highly to any one who wants to learn to start placing implants. The food's excellent too!

Dr Chris Tavares BDS - Derby


For those who need more time to get surgical experience, this program offers the flexibility of having mentorship long after the course ends which is very useful.

Dr Minsh Patel BDS - Surrey


Excellent course. I would especially recommend it for a busy practitioner as all content is well structured and allows you to carry on with practice without getting bogged down. Brilliant teachers, and great venues. I'm so glad I chose this course!

Dr S. Yusef Moazzam Ali BDS - Leeds


Brilliant!!! I must take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, support and guidance over the last year. I feel very proud to have achieved all the required knowledege and to hold a certification which follows the GDC standards for implant dentistry. It has been a course well worth doing, and I would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks again,Ioannis.

Dr Ioannis Bolis DipDS - London


Logical sequence, excellent training, tremendous support ... the best course around for anyone looking to get started with implants!

Dr Krish Kothand BDS MGR - Dover


A well balanced and well managed course that introduces the dentist to the exciting new possiblilities in restorative dentistry from an implantology perspective. It is all about case selection and careful planning to comply with the GDC guidelines to do what is in the patient's best interests.

Dr Joachim Prinsloo BChD - Poole


It was a great experience! Stuart and Richard are brilliant teachers! All lectures were very interesting! I have met many nice colleagues! Thanks!

Dr Rasmus Sperber - Bristol


An excellent and absorbing course run and hosted extremely well with fantatstic guest speakers. A must for the busy GDP wanting to learn the core knowledge of implantology.

Dr Mark Hughes BDS LDSRCS- Dorchester


The implant course was everything I expected and more. It is the best dental course I have ever taken. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity not only to gain sound basic and indispensable implant knowledge but also substantial confidence to put it to practice from the very early stages of the course. Without reservations, I highly recommend this course.

Dr Jacqui Portelli BChD - Malta


This has been a very worthwhile learning experience in a professional, but fun friendly manner. The study days were full of knowledgeable content with good speakers in an excellent venue,with good facilities and food. The Hands on course days were involving, the Tutors engaging, and full of enthusiasm for their subject which infected us all.

Dr David Morris BChD LDSRCS- St Ives


This was a great course for learning the basics of Implantology. The course is well taught by both Stuart, Richard and visiting lecturers. The study and practical days were interesting, informative and enjoyable.

Dr Manrina Rhode BDS - London


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