Implantology Year Course - Theory Study Days

Training & Education

The Theory Program covers the full GDC approved syllabus, which is required learning for any dental practitioner wishing to practice dental implantology in the UK

The syllabus followed is approved by the GDC for training in dental implantology:-


1. Surgical anatomy of the maxilla and the mandible.
2. Pathological processes that occur in the maxilla and mandible.
3. Healing processes that occur following surgery, and how to deal
with post-operative complications.
4. Radiology and radiography of the mandible and the maxilla, and
how to interpret the findings from radiological examinations.
5. Clinical assessment of a patient’s suitability for implants, and the
medical conditions that could preclude a patient from implant
techniques or complicate surgery.
6. Infection control; they will also have been trained in practical
surgical aseptic techniques as applied to implant dentistry.
7. Techniques involved in harvesting bone from oral sites for minor
augmentation during implant placement.
8. The use of exogenous bone or bone substitutes for minor
augmentation in the placement of implants.
9. The use of appropriate pharmaceutical agents in relation to
implant dentistry.
10. The main implant options available and their indications and
contraindications for certain patient groups.
11. Patient consent and how to obtain it prior to implant placement.
12. Clinical and laboratory techniques used to restore implants,
i. Proficiency in the clinical techniques for conventional
advanced restorative procedures.
ii. An understanding of the laboratory stages and techniques
used to construct implant supported restorations.
iii. The ability to demonstrate experience and understanding
of the restorative procedures involved in straightforward
implant supported restorations.
iv. Recognition of technical and cosmetic limitations of
implant dentistry.
13. Long-term maintenance of implants.
14. The need to document and audit all clinical activity.


CLICK HERE to download the full course format and dates for the 2018-2019 intake.